Warid Surprise Bonus offer

Warid Surprise Bonus offerWarid brings a surprise prize for their customers in the form of Warid Surprise Bonus Offer according to which all the prepaid customers have a chance to win Free SMS, Free Value Added Services (VAS) or Free Voice Bundles.

According to the offer, chosen customers are going to receive an SMS from Warid asking them to choose among the 3 offers i.e. Offer 1, Offer 2 and Offer 3. Although there are no details available on the website about the surprise bonus that you’ll receive in case you select any of the offer but when called their customer care center it was told that following will be given in case of each offer

Offer 1

10 SMS
15 on-net minutes

Offer 2

20 SMS
10 on-net minutes

Offer 3

Collect Call & SMS will be rental free for one week
10 SMS

Replying to the message sent by Warid to choose the offer will cost you Rs. 6+tax/SMS. So whichever offer you choose it will cost you only Rs. 6 +tax actually.

You can also chose combination of offers like Offer 1 and Offer 3 OR Offer 2 and Offer 3 but you cannot choose Offer 1 and Offer 2 at the same time in a message. Also if you have chosen an offer in response of the SMS sent to you by Warid, you will not be able to choose that Offer again for a week.