BURQ broadband to start data service in Islamabad soon


Potential for broadband in Pakistani market is far from over and this seems true with the entry of BURQ Broadband service which means fast or rather faster in their opinion.

The service is launched in Islamabad by ICONDOR Telecom Group which is based in Argentina and their local presence is ICONDOR Telecom Pvt Ltd.

According to an official release, company has its presence in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.

ICONDOR plans to further expand its telecom business into Sub-continent and Middle East becoming a major communication service provider.

The brand BURQ will be active in Islamabad very soon matching the services of its opponents including PTCL and Nayatel.

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    MAY be its will very good

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    what are there packages. there is no mention of it. they don’t have a website too

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    Yeh bhi PTCL kay hathoan maray ga