Deprived PTCL pensioners might get some relief in coming days

ptclMinister for Information Pervaiz Rashid has reincarnated the hopes for pensioners of Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) by saying that there has been a breakthrough on the issue of non-payment by current owner of company, Etisalat.

Minister said that Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had a fruitful meeting with the Etisalat management and that it would untimely yield some positive results.

Pensioners of PTCL demand from PTCL an increment in their pensions according to the annual increment as announced by Government in federal budgets. But ever since Etisalat took complete control of earlier state owned telecom company, they have denied an equal increment and for 2013 they have declined to give any increment at all.

There is reported to be 42,000 retired civil servant families including 13,000 widows and orphans who use these pensions to make ends meet. Pakistan Telecommunication employees Trust (PTET) was responsible to pay all the increments but since 2009 it has criminally declined to adhere to the orders of governments, courts and National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology. All of them have asked PTET to increase the amount of pension received by pensioners of PTCL.


Unfortunately, there has been no compensation paid by PTCL to its fired employees even by the end of April 2014. Etisalat and Government remains stubborn nad unmoved to pay the needy people their due right