Best Online Mobile Shopping Sites in Pakistan

Best Online Mobile Shopping Sites in Pakistan

With the changing times more and more people in Pakistan are adopting the idea of buying anything and everything online. In the previous years it seemed nearly impossible that people would incorporate the idea of online shopping in their lives due to the mistrust that is prevalent when it comes to online transactions. Now, we can see that almost everything is available online and what’s more surprising is that expensive items such as mobile phones are one of the main items which are being sold the most online. Some of the best online shopping websites in Pakistan for mobile phones nowadays are:

Hafeez Centre

Hafeez Centre is the hub of activity when it comes to buying mobile phones or any electronics for that matter. Over the years, Hafeez center has managed to become one of the most reliable and trustworthy electronics related market place in Pakistan.  Now, with the introduction of their very own website, which has listed about 40,000 mobile phones they are expected to take over a major chunk of the online electronics market soon (specifically the online market for mobile phones in Pakistan).


Shophive is another online e-commerce portal, which focuses on the provision of all types of electronics and gadgets to customers. Shophive has listed various products like, 3D and gaming accessories, iPods, networking devices, gaming, home appliances, laptops, mobile phones and office products such as, printers, scanners, softwares, projectors, televisions, and women related products etc. online. Out of all these products, mobile phones have been the most successful category for shophive as they offers safe payment services like cash on delivery and direct bank transfers. is one of the newest online shopping stores in Pakistan which cater to the needs of both online buyers and sellers. They have everything from the latest to the most affordable mobiles listed on their website and detailed information of all these mobile phones is also given along with each product. So, now if you are looking to buy latest mobiles in Pakistan, make sure to visit Azmalo as they have listed mobiles phones offered by some of the best vendors in Pakistan with lowest available prices for latest mobile sets.

Home Shopping

This online shopping website works with a huge variety of products and mobile phones are one of the main items which are listed on the website. One interesting feature that is offered by which has helped increase their popularity is that they have provided every customer the option to buy something from Amazon and eBay and they promise to deliver it to you in Pakistan.


Symbios is one of the oldest, the largest and one of the most trusted websites when it comes to buying and selling of electronics in Pakistan. Mobile phones are’s best sellers. One of the main reasons why Symbios has managed to get a hold of a major chunk of the online electronics marketplace is that they have a really quick and efficient delivery service. They offer free delivery all over the country and delivers orders within 24-48 hours of working days. Written by Basit Rahman