Intel eyeing tablet and smartphone market through 4th gen Atom processor

Intel eyeing tablet and smartphone market through 4th gen Atom processorIntel has introduced fourth generation of processors in its Atom Line of processor in the mobile chipset category with the Bay Trail-T SoC (system-on-chip) featuring a new microarchitecture; Silvermont.

The new microarchitecture, Silvermont has been developed on a 22nm process just as in the Intel’s Haswell processor. There are two specifications in the processors: you can either choose to have 3x performance or 5x energy saving as compared to the current versions of Atom processors.

These Bay Trail chips are expected to be used in tablets coming in the holiday season this year and support both Android and Windows 8. The new processors offer superior graphics and enable the tablets to have sleek designs with 8 or more hours of battery life and weeks of standby.

The Bay Trail SoC Atom processor will also incorporate state of the art 4G LTE multimode solution. The new Intel XMM 7160 is one of the world’s smallest and lowest-power multimode-multiband LTE solutions.

While the Bay Trial it designed for tablets, Intel also announced “Merrifield SoCs” which will be specifically designed for smartphones. The Merrifield will “deliver increased performance and battery life” and incorporate an integrated sensor hub.

The new Bay Trail Atom processors are priced around $60 and are expected to be used in tablet that will cost under $150 (Rs. 15,000). If Intel manages to encourage its partners like HP, Dell, Acer, Asus and Lenovo etc. to bring such low cost tablets into the market, there might be hope for the silicon giant to have its hold in the tablet market.

Currently Qualcomm, Snapdragon and ARM are giving a tough time to Intel, which, even though has the greatest market share in PCs and Laptops, is sparsely present in the tablet and smartphone domain. Intel will need to proliferate the market with low cost tablets if it has any chance of gaining a stronghold or else it will not be able to survive the onslaught of market trend in the coming next year.

Recently Samsung announced that it would be using Intel’s Clover Trail+ mobile chip in at least one version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 which is a direct competitor of Apple’s iPad.

At the Mobility Day today, Naveed Siraj, Country Manager, Intel Pakistan will provide an update on Intel’s progress in the mobility arena, with a focus on demonstrating how mobile devices running on Intel® Atom™ processor deliver our promise for better mobile experiences with excellent battery life and great performance. Besides live product demonstrations, Intel will also showcase smartphones and tablets running on Intel Atom processors that were recently launched.