Telenor offers Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Tablet 10.2

samsung galaxy note 11 win telenorTelenor if offering its customers a chance to win Samsung Tablet 10.2 and a Galaxy Note II every month just by subscribing to and using Telenor Mobile Internet. The internet bundles through use of which you can get a chance to win the prizes are Edge Unlimited for Rs.600, Blackberry Internet Service for Rs.1000 and Blackberry Standard for Rs.600. In addition to Samsung Tablet 10.2 and Galaxy Note II you can also get a chance to win 50 free minutes.

If a customer has activated any of the above mentioned bundles from 26th March to June 2013, he/she can be a part of the offer. Moreover, the customers who have renewed their old subscription on above mentioned bundles are also included.

The offer is attractive but its description given on the Telenor website has quite a number of flaws. As we have highlighted in the picture below, there are grammatical mistakes, not to mention the explanation is not clear and it gets difficult to understand the Eligibility Criteria. It should have been made clear with headings that the Eligibility Criteria mentioned above is for Galaxy Note 2 while the one following it is for Samsung Tablet.

telenor tablet offer