If Tahir-ul-Qadri can have his videos removed from YouTube, why can’t Govt.?

YouTube ban has been one of the most controversial topic regarding the tenure of last government. Their actions, or rather inactions have put many things in a state of disorder.

In a recent development, the caretaker administration seems quite willing to have the video sharing website restored but the government has been unflinching in its stance that the website would stay blocked until the blasphemous content was removed from the site.

One has to ask, if Tahir-ul-Qadri was able to remove all of his controversial videos from Youtube, why can’t the government of Pakistan do the same?

The answer is simple. The past government wasn’t really concerned about removing the blasphemous content or to cater to the ease of people who use Youtube for educational purposes. It only wanted to gain support and sympathy of the religious faction of the country in order to cash their votes in elections of 2013. The statements that the government is in talks with Google regarding removal of the video was just another hoax to placate those who were affected by the banning of YouTube.

According to Google’s Terms of Agreement, any content can be removed from any website if it falls under the category of abuse or hate speech, provided that proper application is submitted and supporting evidence is given. The past government talked a lot about this but actually couldn’t manage to do the most simple of the tasks that required least of their efforts and homework. Even though they supposedly acquired firewall to filter internet traffic they were unable to comprehend a simple task of blocking the specific URL of the video.

Even though the caretaker Minister of Information Arif Nizami is said to be working on resolving the matter but it seems doubtful that anything fruitful will come out of it, unless a proper channel is established and report filed to Google with supporting proof that the content goes against sentiments of people and laws of the state by which Google will block the blasphemous content in Pakistan.