Pakistan imported 29.2 million mobile phones and 0.28 million laptops in FY12

mobile phone and laptop import FY 12Despite economic crunch and shaky state of affairs, mobile phone handset usage in Pakistan increased witnessed a huge a surge. In the Financial Year (FY) 2012 Pakistanis imported 29.2 million mobile phones amounting to $ 688.4 million registering 137% growth over FY 11.

According to statistics released by State Bank of Pakistan (SBP),  in FY11 number of mobile phone imported were 12.3 million whereas the import figure stood at 11.0 million and 3.8 million  units in FY10 and FY 09 respectively.

The report does not disclose information about Chinese as well as smuggled mobile phones which is also a huge chunk of the pie.

Similarly laptops import in the country grew by 242% reaching 282,559 laptops imported in FY 12 by spending $ 72.1 million.

Analysts are of the view that this sudden increase in laptop growth was mainly caused by Shahbaz Sharif Laptop Scheme in which 100,000 laptops were distributed in the first phase and further distribution of 100,000 laptops among the top ranking students of Punjab is underway.

Import of selected technology item

mobile phone and laptop import figure FY12
Source: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics

SBP has shown disappointment over the lack of manufacturing in Pakistan such as opportunities in mobile phone sector which couldn’t convince a local investor to start manufacturing mobile phones in Pakistan despite huge demand as shown by import figures.

Report further says, in F13 government hopes to achieve a fiscal deficit target within 4.7 to 7 percent to be more realistic. In this regard, government of Pakistan is again optimistic on receiving outstanding $ 800 million from Etisalat and conducting 3G auction as soon as possible which can possibly raise a billion dollar revenue. Government is also eyeing considerable revenue from opening of NATO supply routes and Coalition Support Fund.