Rehman Malik’s new telecom measures, mobile SIMs to be delivered at home address

mobile SIM, Unregistered SIM, Mobile Phone SIM, Terrorism, Rehman Malik, Interior Minister, SecurityOur national and religious events have become a reason for Interior Minister – Rehman Malik – to stop the cellular services and just yesterday in a meeting with security officials for maintaining law & order during Muharram he couldn’t resist himself from announcing that the cellular services will once again remain closed during Muharram in certain parts of the country.

While talking to media, he said, mobile phone SIMs will be dispatched at the home address of buyer as per the CNIC information from December 1st. No mobile SIM will be sold at any retail outlet, he added.

This time, he also recognized satellite phones to be the helpful tool for terrorists and directed Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to block all those satellite phones that are being used in Pakistan and still unregistered.

This would be the fourth cellular service suspension in Pakistan. Earlier, services remained closed on Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Azha and Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool Day.

To a question about the restoration of YouTube, he said, the website will be reinstated once they (Google Administration) remove the blasphemous content from their servers.

Rehman further announced that mobile phone users will not be able to change their networks. Does he mean that Mobile Number Portability (MNP) will become inactive in Pakistan?

No written direction from PTA was sent to cellular operators for stopping the sale of SIMs at retail outlets till the time this news was being written.


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  • Fahd Chishty

    Accessing youtube is not a big problem if you have the right tools and knowledge. I would have appreciated the government effort if they had been able to block it permanently or convinced Youtube not to show the offensive media in Pakistan. There are quite a lot of videos which you could not watch in Pakistan on youtube because they were “Banned in your country”
    Not to mention the adverse effects this banning has done on the google apps access and especially google adsense users in Pakistan

  • Sadaf Rasheed

    This is no way to fight terrorism. It is just that this failed government wants to make responsible someone for all the failure in fighting against crime.

  • Abbas Faridi

    Unregistered satellite phones? What are these? Are there any companies providing unregistered satellite phone services in Pakistan.

    I think tracing the terrorists will be more conveniently done through satellite phones instead of disabling the mobile phone services

  • Zalim Malik

    Malik jee mobile companies kee aisi taisee na maro. Yeh bohat say logon ko rozgar deti hain aur retailers kay pait per laat marnay say kitnay log bairozgaar hoan gay, kya yeh socha ha aap nay?

  • Wajahat

    Murshad jaaan diyoo….chaad diyo jaan iss mulq dee……..Khuda da wastaa:(