Aamir Ibrahim plans to leave Telenor Pakistan

Aamir Ibrahim plans to leave Telenor PakistanMr. Aamir Ibrahim is expected to leave Telenor Pakistan in order to join Total Access Communication (DTAC) – a second largest GSM operator in Thailand and owned by Norwegian telecommunication giant Telenor.

At DTAC, according to sources, Mr. Aamir Ibrahim will be joining as head of commercials under the CEO Mr. Jon Eddy Abdullah who has already worked as CEO at Telenor Pakistan up till February 2011. Together in Pakistan, Aamir and Jon developed a good working relationship after the appointment of former as Chief Strategy Officer back in 2009. Before leaving Telenor Pakistan, Jon gave Aamir the responsibility of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

A source on the condition of anonymity told MORE that Amir and existing CEO Mr. Lars Christian luel hasn’t been able to develop as stronger bond as Aamir enjoyed with Jon.

We tried to confirm officially about the replacement of Aamir Ibrahim from Telenor Pakistan but the official could neither confirm nor deny any such thing but later responded through SMS that says, “There is no confirmation from our side regarding the query. Generally, as policy, we do not comment on rumours and speculations”.

About the new CMO, we have learnt that Mr. Azeem Ul Haq could be the next choice who is in Pakistan for last one month. Azeem has already worked under Lars when the latter was working as CMO in the initial years of Telenor in Pakistan. Both the gentlemen posted to Telenor Head Office in Oslo after a management change in Pakistan.

Few people at Telenor are also speculating Mr. Jahazeb Taj (existing Mobile Financial Services Head at Mobilink) and Mr. Aamer Izhar (VP Corporate Communication) for the post of CMO. It may be recalled that Jehanzeb Taj has also worked at Telenor with Lars and Azeem while taking care of Sales.

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    According to my resorces MR IRFAN WAHAN KHAN WILL BE NEW CMO 😛



  • Tanveer Rahat

    It seems everyone from Telenor is leaving

  • So where is Amir going?

  • Sufian

    Aamer and Lars are enjoying a very good working relation and that is why Telenor is closing in with Mobilink. Lars is there for almost a year and it is enough time to show their mutual comfort. Yes Amer Ibrahim is a also a favourite of Jon Eddy and he trusts him because of his abilities, his past experience and since DTAC has obtained 3G license so Jon needs people strong enough to do wonders in Thailand where Telenor is also number 2.

    • TK Paki

      @Sufian what about most of the human resource leaving Telenor during past 2 years from VPs to executives just because the clashes among top bosses are making life difficult for people there. so it is better to get rid of someone who is actually resisting. So it is good decision to replace someone like aamir with someone more understanding and capable guy. amir may have done good job during past couple of years but it is also important to retain your skilled people.

      • Sufian

        so you mean only Aamir has to be blamed for entire HR movement??? gimme a break…

  • Ahmed Jehan

    this may turn out to be a risky move for telenor because amir is like a well settled batsman and also he is among the team that is responsible for giving tough time to mobilink. only few millions subscribers left before it could cross mobilink. at this crucial time, either i would backfire or it may improve the on going game.

  • Tooba

    Azeem is the best choice. He is among pioneers of TPs. He should be there