PTA finally decides to clean mobile SIMs database in actual


During last 10 years of Telecom history in Pakistan, several times Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) promised to get rid of unregistered SIMs and clean the total subscribers base. The results are the cases like Sargodha which according to the Police is the biggest telecom scam in Asia. The credit goes to watch dog PTA and the 5 cellular operators in Pakistan.

To resolve the issue finally, Chairman PTA has said that a new mechanism of maintaining the subscribers base in a best possible manner is around. Under the new system, a mobile SIM registry will be created in which every single active SIM will be registered. This will be done through a software that will have this ability to scan millions of SIMs within minutes. In case, a mobile user receives a fictitious call, software will be able to locate the caller as well as scan all the contacts in his contact list to figure out the true identity and whereabouts of caller.

While talking to a TV channel, Chairman said, we are also trying to device a system for making the SIM registration fool proof.