Warid customers can send SMS to Google Talk Messenger

Warid customers can send SMS to Google Talk MessengerWarid customers can now send SMSes through their mobile phones to Google Talk or logged in Gmail users. The message will appear on their Gmail User interface. They can also receive message from the Gmail users in the same manner.

A recent partnership between Warid and Google provides a Gmail user an option to send SMS to any Warid number.    The service has already been launched by Mobilink so those who have been using this services earlier on Mobilink network won’t be alien to this feature. But if you haven’t, just log into your Gmail account on your PC and go to ‘Send SMS’. Enter the name and mobile number of your friend and send the message.

You will have a limited credit to send messages. Starting from the first message you will be given 50 messages as credit. Every message sent to the Warid number will deplete your credit by one. The credit will be increased by 5 message whenever you get a reply from your Warid friend.

Similarly, a Warid customer can send a reply back to the Gmail/Gtalk user for Rs. 1 + tax per message/SMS. There are no subscription charges as this is not a package. You will need to reply Gmail user in 24 hrs or else your session will expire.

When you receive a message from Gmail user, you have certain commands on your disposal including HELP, Block, Unblock, Stop and Start.

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