Rehman Malik proposes end of prepaid mobile phone SIMs

Rehman Malik proposes end of prepaid mobile phone SIMs

It happened for the first time in Pakistani telecommunication history that mobile phone services were blocked on the Eid ul Fitr in the name of security.  And now, it is also being reported that Rehman Malik has given this idea of ending the pre-paid mobile phone SIMs/services in Pakistan.

A news on Dunya TV raised eyebrows that says, Rehman Malik has indicated ending of prepaid mobile phone service as it is widely being used by terrorists for conducting terrorism.

He said that suspension of mobile phone service on Eid helped controlling terrorism in the country.  The services were shutdown in Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Quetta. Despite the closure of cellular service, a time bomb exploded in Quetta city killing 3 innocent people. Whereas, firing incidents could  not be stopped in Quetta and Karachi as well on this Eid.

A final decision regarding an end of prepaid mobile SIM/Service is yet to be taken after consulting  all the stake holders.

According to official figures, There are nearly 120 million mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan. A large number of this subscribers base comprises of prepaid SIMs. A considerable number of SIMs are recognized as multiple with only 70 million unique subscribers in Pakistan as confirmed by various officials of cellular companies.

Previous attempts of Rehman Malik of documenting the unregistered SIMs in collaboration with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) have gone into vain, therefore, it is very likely that he would be more than willing to bring an end to terrorism in Pakistan by eradicating the concept of prepaid SIMs in Pakistan – an idea against the telecommunication standards all over the world.