Samsung officially launches Smart TV in Pakistan

Samsung officially launches Smart TV in Pakistan

Just like mobile phones have transformed into smart devices similarly TVs are no more the same. We witnessed it yesterday at the launch event of Samsung Smart TVs  in Lahore. The presenter told us that these new machines are the Next Generations of Smart TVs for the year 2012 which are equipped with really amazing features.

The main selling feature is ‘Smart Interaction Technology’ which offers ‘Voice Control’, ‘Motion Control’ and ‘Face Recognition’.  Apart from this these TVs also support number of Samsung apps that further enhances your entertainment experience.

The voice recognition technology let you talk to your TV and you don’t need a remote control anymore. Just say Hi TV and it will turn on. You can also switch channels with just voice commands and it happens through TV’s built-in microphone. There is also a built-in microphone in your remote control that works in the same manner as the one with TV.

Samsung officially launches Smart TV in Pakistan

Motion Control is another feature that is amazingly good for entertainment lovers. The TV sensor can recognize your hands movements for changing channels, browsing through web pages or selecting apps.

One more catchy feature is face recognition that will sense your face for built-in applications such as Skype. The camera of TV recognizes the face and serves as your password to apps but keep in mind that conventional ID and password through remote control is way too secure.

On the hardware side, we were told that Smart TV has the Wi-Fi capability and it can sink with any Wi-Fi enabled Samsung device. The TV can support 1 terabyte of external hard drive and the Smart Evolution Kit is one thing that will keep your hardware up to date. Existing series of Smart TV in fact saves your money in the long run. Currently it has Dual Core processor but down the road you will be able to replace the chip and your TV will have latest Quad Core processor and updated firmware for increasing your processing speed.

According to Samsung, customers can also enjoy games such as Angry Birds with the “Smart Interaction” function. The Samsung Smart TV also offers true-to-life, full 2D, 3D and full HD images along with Allshare™ function for wireless connectivity between the Smart TV and other devices.