Shahbaz Sharif starts SMS service: a digital complaint system

Shahbaz Sharif SMS service

Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif has started a new SMS service for establishing a direct contact with general public for their unresolved problems.

This new SMS service will allow needy and poor people of Punjab to send their unresolved issues directly to Shahbaz Sharif who will monitor all the messages through his dedicated team.

80011 is the number (short code) where people can send their problems to Chief Minster through SMS.

Although, it is a public service activity but Punjab Government has not announced the details of the service.

I personally sent a blank message to the number 80011 and few hours later around 1: 43AM, i got the reply “Lets promote merit for better governance in Pakistan. (Shahbaz Sharif).”.

The service has been provided by SMSAll.PK which is a Pakistani developed flavor of social network on mobile phones. In the recent past, a similar SMS social network (SmileSMS) was created by a Mardan boy.

SMS-all service lets you create groups on this social network where you can communicate with people by sending and receiving SMSes. At the cost of a single SMS, thousands of SMSes to all members can be sent easily.

An interesting thing to note that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) already has a group on SMS-all that runs through a short code of 80022.

It appears that Shahbaz Sharif or rather PML (N) continues to follow in the footsteps of Imran Khan.

An attraction from the Punjab Government in order to increase the size of group in shortest possible time that whoever brings 20 people on this SMS network will get a chance to meet CM Shahbaz Sharif in person.

It is premature to say that how helpful this service would be for the people in resolving their issues and to what extent this tool would be effective for PML (N) in the upcoming elections but surely, it must not SPAM and make life miserable by sending too many SMSes about the great efforts of our politicians.

“Dear readers,

we have been receiving your comments and complaints on regular basis.It appears that 
Digital Complaint System is not working the way it was supposed to.
We have tried ourselves and we received no response from CM Response Cell. We have done a post on the topic in
hope that CM would ask his people to attend people of Punjab and resolve their issues. We will
try to contact the team responsible for the entire system.
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