Facebook’s “Islamic” Version, MillatFacebook, Picks Up Online Fight

MillatFacebook Online Fight

Before I learn of fatwas being passed against me, let me clear this: This piece does not intend to defame Islam in any way.

I just learnt on one of the leading news outlets of the country that a Facebook rivaling “Islamic” version of a social network has been persuading the ummat folks to boycott the blasphemous haraam website in order to connect with the ‘1.6 billion Muslim users’ that this website boasts of on its homepage.

Now hold it right there, Yes! You did read it correctly; 1.6 BILLION is the number that MillatFacebook claims as the number of Muslim users that it connects one with once they have adopted this social network. Now, there is a serious flaw in the consistency of this website’s claim. As much as 1.6 billion users is something even Facebook would be super jealous of, not to mention the surge of international media and blogosphere attention such a site, one which has originated in Lahore, Pakistan, would generate.

The name MillatFacebook, while being a quintessentially Pakistani plagiarized one, may sound familiar to many. It is in fact the same website that was born in the midst of the infamous Facebook ban in Pakistan in 2010, in the midst of Facebook’s equally infamous ‘Draw Mohammed Day’.

My biggest issue with everything ‘Islamic’ is basically the fundamental, WHY? I mean, why is there a need for an Islamic version of the dark cola beverage? Why now do we have to have a ‘Moslem’ version of everything under the sun? I am sure it does not make any of those things that have been shunned as the morally corrupting haraam items any more sacred or halaal in their Islamic versions. This bandwagon jumping by our moral vigilantes is nothing but a rather distasteful display of their slow creative minds that want a slice of the pie, the religious way.

Another point that I am critical of this MillatFacebook is the fact that while they profess religious affiliation, they are hypocritically lying about their user base. They claim that they can connect one with 1.6 billion people through their network which means that in two years’ time they managed to surpass Facebook. Moreover, they further say that one should not consider them as a ‘clone’ of Facebook but one look at their homepage layout ( I did not have the stomach to even make an account to explore the insides of this site that is more of a disgrace than anything else) and even their name and all their claims and disclaimers are shot down.

If anyone is interested, log onto their pages and be the judges for yourself. Fire away below with your views on everything ‘Islamic’.

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  • moko

    A good started but more creativity and enhanced design needed to make millatfacebook more attractive !! more advertisement on it needed in the muslim world

  • Mary

    The site never claimed that it has 1.6 billion Muslims but —as it is created for Muslims,(which count 1.6 billion of the world population)& also peaceful people of all religions,so they are just showing their target & not lying & even if they wanted to lie why would they show site statistics then???
    Secondly,Islamic version was not launched before because before facebook did not organize such blasphemous event ridiculing our RELIGION ISLAM (& furthermore contrary to its terms & conditions which ensures that sentiments of all people would be respected,the facebook administration itself denied to delete it and expressed it as so called FREEDOM OF SPEECH)..One can do this to ensure themselves the level of hypocrisy of facebook administration that if you create any page regarding Hitler it would be deleted in mere seconds..but unfortunately today’s Muslims can simply stand there & point out amongst only themselves rather than appreciating the efforts & we have gown down to such extent that we are preferring our obsession over our religion.Even after all such events muslims use facebook but let me ask would you actually go to a place where your beloved are ridiculed???—the way facebook adminsitration had ridiculed our Prophet Mohammad{Sal’la ho alehi wasallam}??

  • Ahsaan

    Well apart from the fake figure that this Millat facebook shows, which is really bad idea to boast of something based on lie, don’t you think Sarmad that Muslims should also advance in the technological area. Why would you think that Moslems should remain away of any innovation…?????????

    • I am strongly supportive of endeavors in the field of technology by any and every person. Dear Ahsaan, one’s religious beliefs and associations should not govern the way one lives in the modern society. In fact my religion promoted peaceful, harmonious coexistence, and I believe in forgiving and forgetting the lame acts of people wanting to defame my religion. Picking up stupid online fights through plagiarizing their websites is not a way to “advance” technologically. As far as my little knowledge goes we have been pioneers in the number system used today and the invention of many a things in fields of medicine, astronomy and mathematics. I am sure if we engage ourselves in positive things as our ancestors did, we can surely reach greater heights in any field.